Teho News Release

TEHO: Delivery of STS Reverse Osmosis Watermaker with 1200ton/day Capacity to PT ASL, Batam

23 July 2014

SINGAPORE – TEHO Water has recently completed the delivery of STS Reverse Osmosis Watermaker, SW-1200T, to ASL Shipyard at Tanjung Uncang, Batam, Indonesia. The customised desalination unit has a capacity of 1200 ton/day, capable of supplying potable water for up to 6,000 men. An engineering team has been set up in Batam to provide efficient services for a smooth operation at ASL’s plant.

This pioneer project marks TEHO Water’s first step into the customised water equipment market. Its previous projects have been supplying of standard watermakers and of smaller capacity, ranging from 50ton/day to 60ton/day. TEHO Water is excited to explore more potentials within Tanjung Uncang for similar projects.

“We are capable of handling more projects in Batam since we have a local engineering team to facilitate the installation and operation. It will be more economical for us to function as well and thus more cost savings for our customers,” Alvin Chee, Managing Director of TEHO Water & Envirotec Pte Ltd.


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